interactive sound installation (2009)

My final work on the Hungarian University of Fine Arts is a multi-channel interactive sound installation, where the participants are driving the sound with their body. It is about interference between sound and pictures, locations and environment. 
I printed two panels; the size of each is ten square meters, where I visualized the sounds I have used. The sensors and the speakers were placed on the backside of the panels and the two panels are facing each other. If you enter this space, naturally the shadow of your body will appear somewhere on the panel. The sensors will send a signal to play that sound, which is connected to the part of the picture you are overshadowing with your body. In this way you can listen to the image, which you are standing in front. If more than one person is using the space, for example on the other side, the sensors are sending signals to the opposite speaker, where the other visitors take place, that will result interference. The system is working with a notebook, one twelve output sound card, Arduino, two 5.1 and one stereo amplifier, and twelve wide-range speakers.