-a real time generated non linear sound piece-
The work called “Hybrid” is based on Ferenc Liszt Hungarian composer works called “Hungarian Rhapsodies”. A rhapsody in music is a one movement work that is episodic yet integrated, free-flowing in structure, featuring a range of highly contrasted moods, color and tonality. I am using one of his piano piece derived from a turntable and control his other pieces on turntables to re-create an entirely new composition based on the master -”conductor”- piano by it's filtered frequencies which dynamic responses are measured to scale and convert data for the new composition. 

I am using the term “hybrid” as an interpretation in between the core and the outcome of the project. A classical piano composition transforming into a contemporary sound piece by using it's own score -where not the actual musical note, but the dynamic range of the whole are measured. This linear composition turns itself non-linear which create an ever changing soundscape while the duration is limited by the original length. 

“Hybrid” also refers to the medium, where not only the turntables but other electronics joining in conducted by the master piano piece which is controlling different parameters on the synthesizers (such as filters, envelopes, sequencers).