~Peter en de Wolf~
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Based on the composition written by Sergei Prokofiev in 1936. His aim was to form musical taste in children from young age. Each character in the story has a particular instrument which got transformed into electronic ones. Recorded sometime during the winter of 2013.

"If you listen very carefully, you'd hear the duck quacking inside the wolf's belly, because the wolf in his hurry had swallowed her alive."  
Linear Ritual

Cycle of Two

--a sonic environment for subconscious awareness--

"Cycle of Two" is an interactive sonic environment. Eight speakers are located in different positions in the space as sonorous objects -some are visible, some are invisible. This almost completely darkened space is available for only one person at the same time.

This installation builds up from three different elements: the sonic environment, the visitor and the interaction in between, which determinate the perception of the work through the spatial sounds and local sound sources. 

"Cycle of Two" is not using an existing space but creates its own sonic architecture driven by the distance in between the visitor and the sound sources. Our relation to the micro-acoustic sources influences the whole sound-structure.

The perception is reduced only to hearing, there is no other visual element what would distract this altered state of mind. This purified perception creates a hypersensitive environment where the sonorous space became the extension of the body through a constant flux - cycles of the body and the sound in the space.

Natural Ecstasy vol.2 Live
Natural Ecstasy vol.3
video by Z 
Natural Ecstasy vol.2

Natural Ecstasy vol.1

Pioneer Lost

Conducted rhapsody
sound installation
turntables, four channel sound, custom electronics, programming

-a real time generated non linear sound piece-
The work called “Hybrid” is based on Ferenc Liszt Hungarian composer works called “Hungarian Rhapsodies”. A rhapsody in music is a one movement work that is episodic yet integrated, free-flowing in structure, featuring a range of highly contrasted moods, color and tonality. I am using one of his piano piece derived from a turntable and control his other pieces on turntables to re-create an entirely new composition based on the master -”conductor”- piano by it's filtered frequencies which dynamic responses are measured to scale and convert data for the new composition. 

I am using the term “hybrid” as an interpretation in between the core and the outcome of the project. A classical piano composition transforming into a contemporary sound piece by using it's own score -where not the actual musical note, but the dynamic range of the whole are measured. This linear composition turns itself non-linear which create an ever changing soundscape while the duration is limited by the original length. 

“Hybrid” also refers to the medium, where not only the turntables but other electronics joining in conducted by the master piano piece which is controlling different parameters on the synthesizers (such as filters, envelopes, sequencers).



The subject and the location of this video is the hydroelectric power station in Gabcikovo, where we recorded a music piece with 3D video technique and 5.1 channel sound system. 
The sound material was recorded live with six microphones in the abandoned warehouse in Galanta. The microphones were organized in a hexagonal formation, facing outwards, modeled the sound of the space. During the video presentation the speakers were placed the same way as the microphones. This sound experience is synchronized with the video played in 3D technique and which contains field recordings from the different locations.
In the live performance the field recordings provided the raw material, which were expanded with the sound of our musical instruments. This was set into the six-channel panorama system, which enables the movement of the sound in the space together with the 3D video.  The result will be a complex sonic experience for the viewer, where every musical experiment goes through a specific filter.


 sound installation
motors, offset plates, arduino, piazzo elements, real-time sound processing
 exhibited in 2B Gallery, during the +3dB Festival in Budapest, Hungary (2010)

sound installation, offset plates (33x 33 cm), motors, sound (2009)

This work refers to the sinus bipolar waveform. The motors behind the plates are going through each plate, one after the other, in this way it makes the movement of the waveform visible. This concept also contains soundwork, which is build up from nine different sinwave composition, it refers to the number of the plates. 

interactive sound installation (2009)

My final work on the Hungarian University of Fine Arts is a multi-channel interactive sound installation, where the participants are driving the sound with their body. It is about interference between sound and pictures, locations and environment. 
I printed two panels; the size of each is ten square meters, where I visualized the sounds I have used. The sensors and the speakers were placed on the backside of the panels and the two panels are facing each other. If you enter this space, naturally the shadow of your body will appear somewhere on the panel. The sensors will send a signal to play that sound, which is connected to the part of the picture you are overshadowing with your body. In this way you can listen to the image, which you are standing in front. If more than one person is using the space, for example on the other side, the sensors are sending signals to the opposite speaker, where the other visitors take place, that will result interference. The system is working with a notebook, one twelve output sound card, Arduino, two 5.1 and one stereo amplifier, and twelve wide-range speakers.

silk-screen on paper, 33x33 (each), 2008
Nine phase of the sinus curve were analyzed and transformed into image.