Cycle of Two

--a sonic environment for subconscious awareness--

"Cycle of Two" is an interactive sonic environment. Eight speakers are located in different positions in the space as sonorous objects -some are visible, some are invisible. This almost completely darkened space is available for only one person at the same time.

This installation builds up from three different elements: the sonic environment, the visitor and the interaction in between, which determinate the perception of the work through the spatial sounds and local sound sources. 

"Cycle of Two" is not using an existing space but creates its own sonic architecture driven by the distance in between the visitor and the sound sources. Our relation to the micro-acoustic sources influences the whole sound-structure.

The perception is reduced only to hearing, there is no other visual element what would distract this altered state of mind. This purified perception creates a hypersensitive environment where the sonorous space became the extension of the body through a constant flux - cycles of the body and the sound in the space.